About Seaton web design

Seaton Web Design was founded with the idea of combining business studies with web design. We noticed many agencies only focus on the design and layout of the website, and not the actual results it provides. Our research showed us that google can be utilized to find people who are already interested in a service, and a well built page made to market that service perfectly, can turn these people into customers at staggering rates.

How do we achieve results?

Our process

Phone call

The first stage is always key. Communication! We lay out both a short term and long term plan for your business online including website design, what service you want to target etc.

Keyword research

After your initial phone call we use our powerful tools to see how many people are searching for terms related to your business on google, we then find the most efficient search to target to maximize your results.

Designing your site

After the keyword research has been completed we get started on the design of your website right away, making sure it runs fast, looks clean and most importantly, targets the best search term!

Get your site found

After the website design has been completed we begin our search engine optimization service. Every month we work towards that #1 spot on google to get the most visitors to your website, resulting in more customers.

About our websites

User experience is very important for a website as it allows people of all age and technical experience to use your website with ease. Bad user experience is also penalized by google resulting in a lower ranking and also may stop people from taking that first step to purchasing your service. Every website design project we take on we make sure the user experience is second to none with fast loading times and compatible on all devices.

What sets us apart from other agencies?

No long term contract

When purchasing our search engine optimization service we do not make you sign on to a long term contract like many other agencies. We charge you on a month to month basis because we are confident you will see the value in our service and will have no reason to cancel.

Complete honesty

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our values. We will always use our web design services to the best of our ability in order to help grow your business and do it at the best possible price.

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