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Google can be utilized to find people who are already interested in a service, and a well built page made to market that service perfectly, can turn these people into customers.

Welcome to Seaton web design

We offer web design services for businesses designed to get you results. When making your website we design it around googles requirements to rank as a top result, generating monthly leads.

How do we find you customers?

We capitalize on the 41.9 million people that use google every month in the UK. With a high ranking website on google, you are putting your business in front of people who already have the intent of purchasing your service. These people are much easier to convert than others as they are already researching businesses that offer one of your services .

Example keyword

Mechanics Nottingham - 320 searches / month

web design services

#1 spot - 101 clicks / month

#2 spot - 45 clicks / month

#3 spot - 32 clicks / month

What can we offer you?


Web design services

All websites we design are made with googles criteria in mind, so we make sure to get the best loading speed, best content length and an easy to use interface to rank as high as possible. We also have a clear end goal of the website, whether that be filling out a contact form or booking an appointment to maximize the websites results.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a monthly service that encourages google to rank your website higher up the results. This service paired with a website developed by us will almost always result in a very high ranking on google. This means that when someone searches for your service on google you will be one of the top results, generating you customers.

Our most recent result!

web design services

1800% return on investment

In just the first month!

In just the first 3 weeks of the website launching JEB got an enquiry through the contact form on their site for a garage conversion job!

How did we achieve these results?

Our process

Phone call

The first stage is always key. Communication! We lay out both a short term and long term plan for your business online including website design, what service you want to target etc.

Keyword research

After your initial phone call we use our powerful tools to see how many people are searching for terms related to your business on google, we then find the most efficient search to target to maximize your results.

Designing your site

After the keyword research has been completed we get started on the design of your website right away, making sure it runs fast, looks clean and most importantly, targets the best search term!

Get your site found

After the website design has been completed we begin our search engine optimization service. Every month we work towards that #1 spot on google to get the most visitors to your website, resulting in more customers.

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We can help YOU

No matter what business you own, we can help you find clients online!

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What makes our web design services unique?

Our web design packages

One-Page Website

One page designed to get visitors to fill out a contact form / book a meeting
  • One page optimized for a relevant keyword
  • One page worth of content writing
  • Access to training videos
  • 4 Years fast hosting
  • Clear call to action
  • Mobile responsive
  • Contact form
  • Stock photos

Five-Page Website

Five pages designed to get visitors to fill out a contact form / book a meeting
  • 2-3 pages optimized for relevant keywords
  • Five pages worth of content writing
  • Access to training videos
  • 4 Years fast hosting
  • Clear call to action
  • Mobile responsive
  • Contact form
  • Stock photos

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What makes us 5 star rated?


5 revisions until your website goes live!

This ensures customer satisfaction as you get the website exactly as you want it at no extra cost!

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